My infinitely entertaining 4yo
  1. They don't have to pay because we like them enough to let them visit
  2. They CAN'T eat all of the fruit
    They can have as much as they want as long as they DO NOT EVER take the last piece.
  3. But they can eat all of the grapes cause you can buy more
    Guess he's looking to get rid of those grapes 😉
  4. I will share my things if I have to
  5. They can't snatch toys out of my hand
  6. They can't snatch toys out of my sister's hand
  7. I will make sure they won't take your Valentine stuff we bought you guys
    I got a mini stuffed Deadpool and my husband got a mini stuffed Punisher...
  8. I didn't know anyone comes if they're not cousins
  9. They better leave their shoes at the door
  10. They can drink whatever they want, out of their own cups cause we don't share germs
  11. I can clean up after them once they're gone
    This one intrigues me and I wish I could get this in writing but he can only write one word besides his name... FIRST "WORD" MY SON WROTE
  12. If they say please, then I will say yes
    This seems to apply to anything, as long as they use please.
  13. I will share my warm clothes
    Our visitors are coming from our hometown, in FL. We are in MD.
    Funny, because his sister lets him touch ALL of her stuff 😊