The deadliest mass shooting in US history took place in Orlando, FL @ 2:02am 6/12
  1. Your first notification is a list of multiple friends checking in as "safe"
  2. You freak out because you don't know what that means since you've never seen this notification before
  3. Your heart stutters when you check the news and find out what they're safe from
  4. You flip out because you realize not all of your friends have done this safe check in thing
    Is everyone I know not safe...
  5. Your heart starts breaking for those who have lost someone, for those who will not get a Notification that those they care about are safe
  6. Your anger starts to rise over what happened and not being able to grasp why the fuck this shit continues
  7. You feel helpless because not only are you not in the area to volunteer, but you can't even go donate blood to the bank requesting it
  8. You feel a bit of shock, over not only what happened, but the fact that you know people who could have been at that club—who could have easily been there last night—who could have been lost for no other reason than they were out to have a good time in what they thought was a safe place
  9. Gay clubs were created for this community of people who are unable to gain equality and safety anywhere they want
  10. IT IS BULLSHIT THAT THEY HAVE TO CREATE A SPACE PEOPLE LABEL AS A "GAY" CLUB to gain a bit of anonymity to have a good time without being harassed
  11. If this location was targeted because it is known as a "gay" club, then this bullshit labeling GOT PEOPLE KILLED AND INJURED
  12. One word, one thing some people can't get over and accept—could have gotten these people killed
  13. This label gets people killed ALL the time
  14. I'm not going to lecture on why equality matters, or any of those important things—that shit has to be said too much. We fucking know better. When will everyone ever act like it?