Inspired by @eetak
  1. She's funny, witty
  2. She's easy to get along with
  3. She understands sarcasm and utilizes it to her advantage
  4. She's kind, sweet, humble
  5. She's smart, clever
  6. She likes me, a great deal
    This may also be a case against how smart she is.
  7. She finds correct grammar and spelling important
    Or at least realizes how much I do.
  8. She doesn't mind that I can be foul-mouthed
    She complains about her father's frequent usage of strong language, but takes mine in stride.
  9. Books: she reads a fuck ton a week
    She takes my recommendations most of the time.
  10. Movies: she loves them at least as much as I do
    Nowadays I can randomly throw quotes at her and she can name the movie and character. ("I'm wasted on cross-country! We dwarves are natural sprinters, very dangerous over short distances.")
  11. Instruments: she can still name almost every one she hears
    And she knows the bass guitar is my favorite, and also the hardest to pick out sometimes.
  12. She collects things
    I'll not mention what since she might be embarrassed if people knew she collected such things.
  13. She's an absolute beauty
    Dem bright hazel eyes!
  14. She slips in and out of speaking with a British accent
    This happens when she's reading something with British characters. I'm not sure she realizes it.