1. Because a couple of months ago in my @bookriot newsletter, @bookishclaire recommended and explained it and it sounded like a book nerd social media haven.
    This, it turns out, was absolutely true. @list is 💯
  2. Because I'm funny
    💩 Hahahehe! See, made you laugh. 🙊
  3. Because I live to read and I love to write; seems like the place to be for my type 😉
  4. I too found @list through @bookishclaire / @bookriot
    And I fell in love and stayed because: funny and interesting lists, wonderful community, encouraging place to express myself. 😍
    Suggested by @macnchz
  5. Because I heard BJ Novak on the Tim Ferris podcast talking about this app and I was like "I LOVE lists!" Then when the boyfriend and I were planning a trip to Southern Africa I was like "Maybe I can find something on that List App. I'll just make an account and see..." And then I got hooked.
    Suggested by @kbon
  6. @PaulScheer told me to and I always do everything he says.
    Suggested by @hkath