I am a born and raised Oklahoman. 37 years of unpredictable weather. The saying goes "Ya don't like the weather, wait a minute." We are under severe weather warnings tonight and I need to be at work in five hours.
  1. Tornado warning appears on my phone: .
    Ugh. What is that alarm? I did not set anything. Who is calling? Oh. National weather service says I should take cover. Meh
  2. The sirens go off:
    Well frick! Should I get up? I mean, the sirens are for the entire county. *looking out the window) There is zero "activity" outside.
  3. Cue the tree limbs tapping on my windows (sirens still sound strong):
    Oh crap!! I am in a tank top and panties! No bra. Where are my pants? WHERE ARE MY PANTS?!
  4. The boyfriend calls and says to get away from the windows:
    Gasp! This is more serious than I thought. I think I see the twister itself. Why do I live upstairs? I had to live upstairs! Make the noises stop!
  5. The sirens stop but the wind is still blowing:
    Is it finished? Yes! Sweet freedom! Is that hail?
  6. Sirens sound again:
  7. The sirens stop. The news site says all clear. Boyfriend says all clear.
  8. The bed invites you back.
    That was not so bad. KEEP YOUR PANTS ON (just in case).