I do not remember books I've read and movies I've watched. My memory is saved for personal facts about everybody I love and/or have met once. So this list is about the small tidbits I remember about some of my fav reads approx years 1998-2004.
  1. The entire "Little House on the Prairie" series.
    Obsessed. I wanted to name my future daughter Laura for a while, wrote a paper on LIW. Laura slapping Mary in the face for her plain brown hair burn is something I often think about.
  2. "The House of the Scorpions"
    I think of this book all the time. How is this a kid's book. There is cloning, slavery, and drugs. Not to mention a lawless man who makes clones to help himself live longer but raises them like his child until he needs their organs.
  3. Swiss family Robinson
    It was worth 32 AR points. The most I ever got from one book. The fact that they made their own rubber boots, why does that flash in my head at random. Also, the tree house.
  4. The "Ramona" series
    Specifically the time she squeezed out all the toothpaste and she had to out in all in a zip lock bag and still use it because times were tough. DISGUSTING.
  5. The "Anastasia Krupnik" series.
    There's a scene where she's watching her older cousin use talcum powder. LIKE AM I SUPPOSE TO BE USING IT AS A NOW ADULT??
  6. " Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret"
    Her pad had a belt. Woah. I was glad when I found out that wasn't still a thing. 🙌🏻
  7. "The Wind and the Willows"
    Sometimes I think people are built like Mr. Toad.
  8. "Little Women"
    WHY CAN I NOT REMEMBER ANYTHING?? I read it more than once. It was my "favorite book" for a long time.
  9. "The Giver"
    How did they make people stop seeing color? I just don't understand. Also, why exactly?
  10. This is not an exhausted list of books I read as a child, just the ones I think about.