There is no real rationale behind this, just a gut feeling. Side note: I meet them all at trader Jo's or Whole Foods. I don't frequent the places of the rich and famous, but everybody needs groceries.
  1. Bradley Cooper
    This may have something to do with his chemistry with Jennifer, I think I favor/act a bit like her.
  2. Drake
    When I meet him, I will for sure bring up crying when Jimmy got shot on Degrassi.
  3. @john Mayer.
    I remember him performing "Your Body is a Wonderland" when I was 13 and thinking, I'm going to marry him one day.
  4. Jake Johnson
    I have no explanation here, except that I NEED it to happen.
  5. Giphy
    I love how he always plays an asshole, but he doesn't seem to be one at all. (Also, I would need him to introduce me to @mindy)
  6. Idris Elba
    LOL JK JK JK. but while I was dreaming..