Things Virginia and I Have in Common

Virginia from the Train hit "Meet Virginia," of course.
  1. My hair is always a mess.
    People sometimes say, your hair is curly, so it always looks good. These people are wrong.
  2. You catch me stealing, I won't confess.
    I also won't steal, but that's not the point currently.
  3. I'm beautiful.
    Not sure if I'm objectively beautiful, but someone's besides my mom thinks so.
  4. I do not smoke a pack a day.
  5. I love babies.
  6. And surprises.
  7. I want to be the queen.
  8. I think about my scene.
  9. I pull my hair back as I scream
  10. My dad wrestles alligators.
    He did one time.
  11. My brother is a fine mediator for the president.
    Well, his undergrad is in politics, so..
  12. I hate to be alone.
  13. My confidence can be tragic.
  14. My intuition magic.
    Specifically when it comes to who people are crushing on.
  15. The shape of my body *may be unusual.
    Much like my beauty, who can really tell.