1. Rachel Green
    Chardonnay | Like the 'Rachel bob' of the 90's, was the go-to hair style for pretty much any woman under 30, Oaked Chardy had it's moment too. Thank god people have moved on to more refined styles.
  2. Ross Gellar
    Merlot | Heavy on the facts and despite how much you like him, you have to be in the mood. He only suits certain dinner parties and company, like those of talking of stamp collecting and palaeontology.
  3. Joey Tribbiani
    Sangiovese | Pairs perfectly with pepperoni pizza, what more can I say.
  4. Chandler Bing
    Shiraz | A popular go to wine, spot on for entertaining and of course, goes off like a treat when paired with Grenache.
  5. Monica Gellar
    Grenache | Clean, cynical and loves food. A romantic who finally found her perfect pair, Shiraz.
  6. Phoebe Buffay
    Riesling | Riesling all the way. She sometimes reminds me of how I am when bubbles go to my head.