...now that I live in Utah.
  1. Barbecue, specifically Lexington style BBQ (like there's any other kind)
  2. Cheerwine
  3. Getting to say the word "ya'll" without being judged.
  4. ACC basketball on local channels.
  5. Trees that aren't actually twigs.
  6. Rain. Occasionally you want a rainy day. Plus wildfires suck.
  7. Driving on a road by yourself (i.e. *not* with a million other fellow travelers.)
  8. Everything about the Outer Banks (except hurricanes!)
  9. Decent biscuits. On a related note, Bojangles.
  10. Seeing people I used to know.
  11. The Blue Ridge Parkway, especially in the fall when it's cooling off and the leaves are changing.
  12. Home.