Their top 30 is kinda awful. Awful in that I didn't write it. That said, there are some notable exclusions.
  1. Major League
    You know how you're reading a list and you keep waiting to see where something you KNOW is gonna pop up lands, and you get to a certain point and your thinking slowly goes from "wow, this is ranked too high" to "holy shit, it's not on the list at all..." Yeah, that happened. Blasphemy TOM BERENJAAAR!!!
  2. Talladega Nights: The Legend of Ricky Bobby
    How many NASCAR movies have even been made? One other? Days of Thunder?
  3. The Sandlot
    FOR-E-VUHHRR Lest we forget, awkward kids actually play way more sports than we "grown ups"
  4. Rush
    One of my favorite recent movies and about as good as racing movies get.
  5. Remember the Titans
    Honestly... I really don't have a great affinity for this movie. But, my #blackness forces me to add some color to this list