Very likely that this will become a series...
  1. Meek Mill/Drake "beef"
    I put meek's name first on purpose because: 1) everyone puts Drake first and 2) if he'd shut the hell up, so would everyone else (Oh, shit... Did I put a list inside a list? Is that allowed?????) I retract all of this if their mess degenerates into a Toronto vs Philly war, ala NY vs LA in the 90s
  2. Mos Def's stand up act
    Ok, maybe this isn't fair since I've seen two short clips. But they sucked. DUDE STOP BEING WEIRD AND JUST MAKE ANOTHER "MS. FAT BOOTY" Sorry.
  3. Lenny Kravitz's peen
    Don't ask for a description. Please.
  4. That Deadpool trailer
    Actually, the trailer wasn't bad. But a coworker definitely sent me a link to the red bad trailer, so i watched bare ass and titties at the office. I'm probably unemployed now.
  5. Fantastic Four
    This thing sucked worse than the last two FF movies combined. I saw a free pre-screening. They provided popcorn and soda. And I still want my money back.
  6. Blake Griffin vs Marvin the Martian
    Why is this commercial so long? And how did effin' Kia figure out better ways to use Blake Griffin than Nike??? Just make Space Jam 2 already. Jesus, what am I saying???
    Damn kids and their... stuff... I don't get.