BET Uncut was horrible. There was a video in heavy rotation called "What that Thang Smell Like?" We don't need this resurrected.
  1. Better Off Ted
    Still watch this on Netflix. A solid comedy that probably didn't dumb it down enough
  2. Life on Mars
    The show wrapped up horribly since they only had the one season. Don't know what the critical consensus was, but i really liked it except for the finale.
  3. Clone High
    Do you like history? Art? Art history? Teen angst? Cartoons? Watch this shit. If you can.
  4. Young Justice
    Marvel/Disney may have movies on lock, but DC mastered animated series way back in the 90s with Batman. YJ had an awesome, twisty storyline that didn't get finished because Cartoon Network sucks.
  5. Rome
    Like GoT, but with fewer boobs, sex, decapitations, dragons, and medieval zombies. No wonder it was cancelled. Sure was pretty though.
  6. Community
    Yeah, yeah there's a reasonable facsimile on Yahoo. But it's not the same show.