Don't let the thugginess fool you. Rappers are nerdy as hell.
  1. “But if you ain’t a sweety, indeedy I won’t endorse han solo till I’m hit by the bullet, so may the force be with you…” -- Andre 3000, Happy Valentine’s Day
    Rappers love Star Wars. Nerds.
  2. "When it comes to rapping fast, I’m the Higgs Boson” -- Twista, Cocoa Butter Kisses
    Rappers follow current events in physics. Nerds.
  3. “Star Wars I’m Han Solo with three egos And three charges, I got to see three P.O.s…” -- Method Man, Rap Phenomenon
    Seriously, rappers really love Star Wars. Spacenerds.
  4. "And when it’s on we transform like Optimus Prime I’ll form the head, roll out…” -- DMX, Get At Me Dog
    Rappers watch 80s cartoons like Transformers and Voltron, then mix them up. C'mon robonerds.
  5. “Flash Gordon when recording, spark the light in the dark Peter Park, Spider-Man, all I do is climb the charts” -- Jay Z, Kingdom Come
    Rappers read comic books and watch sci-fi. Supernerds.
  6. “Back to the beginning when the Milky Way first started spinning Sound was the only thing living” -- Canibus, Lunar Deluge
    Rappers are into the Big Bang, even if they don't get it completely right. Astronerds.
  7. “Nine planets faithfully keep in orbit with the probable tenth The universe expands length” -- Mos Def, Mathematics
    Rappers get astronomy right sometimes, though. Solarnerds.
  8. “My memory’s no sharp butter knife, what a life anyway I’m building y’all a clock, stop, what am I? Hemingway?” -- Andre 3000, Pink Matter
    Rappers like to read the greats. Literaturenerds.
  9. “A spaceknight like Rom, consume planets like Unicron Blasting photon bombs from the arm like Galvatron” RZA, Impossible
    There's so much nerd here, I don't know where to start.