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Upon a recent return from an out of town Job my luggage was stolen from my truck. Most of the things in there had more sentimental value than they did monetary. Luckily all my important paper work money and electronics were with me in my back pack.
  1. My thick leather belt
    I had my trusty thick leather belt for about 7 years and you don't realize how hard it is to find a good belt until you need one.
  2. My Harvard T shirt
    First and foremost let me make it clear I did not go to Harvard. My good friend @helytimes gifted me with a Harvard T shirt when we worked together on "the office". I often would wear it to the gym and people would often asked me if I went to Harvard to which I would answer "no, I'm just a really big fan of the unabomber"
  3. My Piggly Wiggly Tshirt
    For those of you who don't know what the Piggly Wiggly is let me enlighten you. It's a very low income grocery chain that has been around 100 year and mainly operates in the south. I thought it would be cool to represent for them in LA
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Most people think Mexican food is just your basic tacos, enchiladas, rice and beans but they're is so much more. Some of it may sound gross but I assure you it's not. Give it a shot!
  1. Menudo
    Usually only available as a weekend special and alleged hang over cure. This beef tripe soup is made in many different ways depending what region of Mexico the cook is from. Some places add hominy and "pata" which is Spanish for foot other places don't. It's like Mexican pho without the noodles
  2. Pozole
    Again another weekend special stew made with hominy, though this one is made with pork meat one of my personal favorites. Add cabbage lemon tapatio hot sauce and eat with tostadas.
  3. Birria
    Birria is a dish usually made for large scale celebrations such as weddings, baptisims, quincieneras etc. some regions prefer to make it from beef while others prefer to use goat. It's like Mexican pot roast. Add lemon fresh chopped cilantro and fresh chopped onion and eat with corn tortillas rice and beans
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California has produced some amazing rappers throughout the years, And now That it's Ben around for a few generations it has become part of pop culture. Here's how I rank them
  1. 10 Nate dogg
    Technically not a rapper, but one of the most important voices in west coast hip hop. For his dope hooks
  2. 9.suga free
    This pimp from Pomona has comes up with some lyrics that are as extremely clever as they are extremely offensive.
  3. 8.B real (cypress hill)
    This Cuban American has been consistent in the hip hop game for a very long time and has held his own in collaborations with some of the greatest in the game
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I've noticed that the places I could most use a drink at, are often the places I can least find one
  1. Court house
  2. DMV
    If you have 4 drinks when you get in line by the time your finished with your business you'll be sober
  3. Almost every place you take your kids
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Growing up the son of a poor single mother we often had to make our cheap meals for lunch. Now a days even though I'm not as poor anymore And have eaten some very fine foods, I still have to keep these in rotation.
  1. Cup Noodles
    Still under a dollar and all you have to do is add hot water. Add lime and tapatio hot sauce and your set to go! I eat it at least once a month (chicken and shrimp are my favorites)
  2. Artificial pancake syrup
    I know classy people prefer to eat maple syrup. But I have never acquired a taste for it. Trusty aunt Jemaima gives that nostalgic feeling of Saturday French toast breakfasts with my mom and brothers
  3. Hot pockets
    The only frozen food I'll ever eat. What was better than coming home from school and popping a hot pocket in the microwave for an instant pizza snack! I still feel the same way when I come home late from work.
  4. Kool aid
    As kids we couldn't really afford soda which in the long run turned out to be a good thing. Every now and then I'll make a pitcher of grape Kool aid and pour it into a nice big glass of ice and it's like I'm 7 years old all over again!
Smart phones and social media have presented the world with a whole new set of useless daily choices and decisions
  1. Emoji
  2. Hashtags
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Back when music was good, gangster rappers would collaborate with R&B singers to create raunchy yet great tracks. Tracks that some folks might find offensive but as time goes by hip hop is growing old along with its listeners
  1. 2pac featuring KC and Jo Jo "how do you want it"
    Possibly my favorite of the 3 with great lyrics delivered by 2pac and KC and jojo all over the chorus this will be a classic for the ages
  2. Nitrous B.I.G and R. Kelly "F$&@ing you tonight"
    When these two legends of their respected arts got together, you couldn't have expected anything less than the masterpiece they created. With biggy smoothly delivering the clever lyrics and The pied piper of R&B hitting the high notes on words like Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucking you, this one will never be topped
  3. DMX and Sisqoo "what these bitches want"
    The lesser known track and artist of the list yet still a very good track. DMX delivers great lyrics about all the different woman he's slept around with and Sisqo does a great job in the background hitting the high notes as well. Though both artist never did much after this, they have something to be proud off
  1. Child support/ alimony
  2. Traffic tickets
  3. Car insuarance
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  1. Man bun
  2. Excessively long beard without religious purposes
  3. E cig and or vap pen
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Usually the home town teams
  1. Baseball: Los Angeles Dodgers
    Even though they break my heart early in the playoffs year after year I'll always be a dodger faithful and without a doubt we have the greatest sports announcer of all time on our team we love you Vin
  2. Basketball: Los Angeles Lakers
    Right now we are not living our glory years when we used to threepeat championships, but I have some great memories of watching my beloved lakers and all the great players who have dawned the purple and gold from James Worthy, Magic, nick vanexel, shaq, Kobe, Derek fisher and the countless others. Like the Phoenix we will rise from the ashes!!!
  3. NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers
    I was about 9 years old when the raiders packed up and left for Oakland leaving me with a broken heart as if my dad had walked out on me. I vowed to always hate the raiders from that day. Watching Kordell Stewart and Jerome Bettie play for the steelers back then made me fall and love and its easy to say I made the right choice accepting the steelers into my heart. After 21 years rooting for them it won't matter what team they bring to LA I'll always be a Steeler fan
  4. Premiere League Soccer: Southampton Saints
    It's easy to say the premiere league of England is the best of all the soccer leagues around the world. in America everybody roots for one of the big 4 teams (Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool,Manchester United) and as of recent Manchester city. In 2007 I met a friend from Southampton England who thought me about loving your club regardless of what happens back then the saints were at the bottom of English footy but today were are a top half club in the premiere league above some big clubs! COYR