Most people think Mexican food is just your basic tacos, enchiladas, rice and beans but they're is so much more. Some of it may sound gross but I assure you it's not. Give it a shot!
  1. Menudo
    Usually only available as a weekend special and alleged hang over cure. This beef tripe soup is made in many different ways depending what region of Mexico the cook is from. Some places add hominy and "pata" which is Spanish for foot other places don't. It's like Mexican pho without the noodles
  2. Pozole
    Again another weekend special stew made with hominy, though this one is made with pork meat one of my personal favorites. Add cabbage lemon tapatio hot sauce and eat with tostadas.
  3. Birria
    Birria is a dish usually made for large scale celebrations such as weddings, baptisims, quincieneras etc. some regions prefer to make it from beef while others prefer to use goat. It's like Mexican pot roast. Add lemon fresh chopped cilantro and fresh chopped onion and eat with corn tortillas rice and beans
  4. Cochinita pibil
    A traditional dish from the Yucatan peninsula which involves braising pork in banana leaves while marinated in citrus. Think a supped up version of pulled pork!
  5. Camarones agua chile
    Translated it means shrimp in spicy water which technically is what it is. Prepped raw only with lime juice and chili peppers sometimes cilantro and onions. It is more of a west coast Mexican traditional dish usually accompanied by beer