I live a decent life today compared to my childhood and have eaten at quite a few great places all over the country but every now and then I have to keep it real
  1. Aunt Jemima Pancake syrup
    Most people prefer pure maple syrup, but it has never worked me. I choose to stick with cheap artificial stuff I grew up with
  2. Cup noodles soups
    Yes it's named "cup noodles" , I'm partial to the shrimp flavor and love to add lime and tapatio hot sauce . I don't eat it as often as when I was a kid but it's always in the cupboard
  3. Koolaid
    It was our daily drink at the dinner table as a kid but now has become a once or twice a year for me. Nothing tops a glass full of ice and grape Koolaid
  4. Dennison's chili dogs
    Every Thursday night was chili dog night I have great memories of watching the Simpsons with my brothers and enjoying our simple meal of hot dogs topped with dennison's chili and a piece of American cheese
  5. Kraft singles American cheese
    As a kid it was the only cheese I knew. I had no idea about Gruyere,smoked gouda, Brie, welsh cheddar and the other hundreds of heavenly cheeses the world has to offer yet Kraft singles American cheese is still in my fridge
  6. So even though I now eat things like tuna tar tars, bone in filet mignon, excellent cheeses, good wines and liquors I'll always go back to these foods that brought me up