Upon a recent return from an out of town Job my luggage was stolen from my truck. Most of the things in there had more sentimental value than they did monetary. Luckily all my important paper work money and electronics were with me in my back pack.
  1. My thick leather belt
    I had my trusty thick leather belt for about 7 years and you don't realize how hard it is to find a good belt until you need one.
  2. My Harvard T shirt
    First and foremost let me make it clear I did not go to Harvard. My good friend @helytimes gifted me with a Harvard T shirt when we worked together on "the office". I often would wear it to the gym and people would often asked me if I went to Harvard to which I would answer "no, I'm just a really big fan of the unabomber"
  3. My Piggly Wiggly Tshirt
    For those of you who don't know what the Piggly Wiggly is let me enlighten you. It's a very low income grocery chain that has been around 100 year and mainly operates in the south. I thought it would be cool to represent for them in LA
  4. Brand new pair of sneakers
    I didn't get a chance to change on my way to the airport and had just bought a brand new pair of sneakers that I bought put straight into the bag
  5. Underwear and socks
    You don't realize how inconvenient losing 40% of your underwear and socks can be until they're gone. Since then I had to do laundry more often until I replaced them
  6. Winter coat and scarves
    I had a certain coat and a few scarfs that I could never wear in LA since it's never cold enough. Hopefully I don't have to go any wear cold anytime soon
  7. The bag it's self
    I'm assuming the thiefs targeted my bag because it was a pretty cool looking bag that I had from my old motorcycle days at the track. It traveled with me to a lot of races and jobs all over the county and never let me down
  8. My extremely ripped jeans
    This jeans were my absolute favorite pair of jeans. I bought them with small rips in them but as the time went on the rips got bigger and bigger, to the point where my significant other suggested I throw them away. Significant other is happy they're gone but I'm not