There are plenty of phases and departments that make it possible for you to watch movies, tv shows, and commercials
  1. You learn that nothing is impossible, ANYTHING can be done at ANYTIME ANYWHERE
  2. True Diversity, the crew can consist of all kinds of people from different backgrounds for example one can from a family of a high ranking military leader yet another can be an ex homeless heroin addict
  3. No stupid uniforms or dress code, you see everything from great style to wacky
  4. Short term gigs most jobs are in between 2 -6 months so if you don't like someone or it's a really hard gig you can get through it reminding yourself it's not forever
  5. You get a different office consistently you can be anywhere from the beach to the mountains to a farm to a multimillion dollar estate or the crappiest scariest neighborhood of the city or state your in. I've even been on a freeway on ramp
  6. You get to see a lot of cool things like monkeys,lions,airplanes,helicopters race cars all depending on what your working on
  7. Wrap parties as of getting a decent wage wasn't enough almost at the end of every project the studio pays for a nice venue where you and all your co workers get wasted on their dime