California has produced some amazing rappers throughout the years, And now That it's Ben around for a few generations it has become part of pop culture. Here's how I rank them
  1. 10 Nate dogg
    Technically not a rapper, but one of the most important voices in west coast hip hop. For his dope hooks
  2. 9.suga free
    This pimp from Pomona has comes up with some lyrics that are as extremely clever as they are extremely offensive.
  3. 8.B real (cypress hill)
    This Cuban American has been consistent in the hip hop game for a very long time and has held his own in collaborations with some of the greatest in the game
  4. 7.too short
    This Bay Area legend put Oakland on the map in the early 90s and has continued to carry the O town torch strong to this day. No body was safe from his dirty raps "just ask Nancy Raegan"
  5. 6.Dj Quik
    One of the most underrated California rappers of all time yet still one of Compton's finest. Quik has come up with some of the greatest beats and at the same time delivered some the fastest smoothest and cleverest lyrics of west coast hip hop
  6. 5.Eazy E
    Eazy could of easily topped this list has his life not been cut short. For a guy who was just a neighborhood dope man and not a rapper, He did an amazing job leading NWA and is diss track to Dr. Dre is still one of the sickest tracks of west coast hip hop
  7. 4.Dr. Dre
    Easily the greatest mind in Hip Hop when it comes to discovering talent and creating beats. Dre could hold his own with the mic in his hand. The Chronic and Chronic 2001 are 2 hip hop masterpieces just like the Beatles white album is to pop music
  8. 3. 2pac
    Some people will argue tupac deserves to top the list but in reality pac was all over the place. First of all he really wasn't from California and secondly he wasn't always a gangster rapper. Yet pac delivered some of the most vicious tracks ever recorded ("troublesome 96" "hit em up") but then turned around and delivered some peaceful activist positive mumbo jumbo stuff like ("that's just the way it is" "keep your head up"). All amazing stuff by 2pac
  9. 2.Snoop Doggy Dogg
    One of the coolest and smoothest men in all of hip hop. This guy is so cool he makes up his own words ("biotch" "fo shizzle") and they become part of pop culture. Snoop can make anybody's song that much cooler, even Katy perry. With no signs of slowing down I'm looking forward to hearing more from the LBCs greatest rapper in the years to come.
  10. cube
    What has this man not accomplished? He hit the ground running since he was 17 years old and hasn't looked back. Pretty much made NWA, created some legendary music in a solo career consistently over the past 30 years. Nailed the legendary character "Dough Boy" in "Boyz in da hood". Wrote and took to the big screen the "Friday" and "barber shop" movie franchises. There is nothing Cube can't do and there is no one that can match his hustle that's why he is at the top of this list!