As told in the second person so I don't try this again
  1. "Wow I've got so much to do... I can handle an all-nighter!"
    ..even though the last time you did this you fell asleep on your books with your hand cupping the coffee mug and woke up frantic and confused five minutes before you had to leave.
  2. You organise your night.
    You should be done by sunrise if you follow your todo list! But you're not gonna do that (but you're still living in denial)
  3. As per WikiHow's advice you put stuff on your bed so you don't "lie down for a second" and never get back up.
    But then you sleep on top of the stuff.
  4. Break time because planning an all nighter is hard
  5. You work for fifteen minutes and it's going very well. You're listening to some music that reminds you of a movie you saw and you think about the lead, wasn't he working on a new film?
  6. "Is that movie out yet?"
    Leading you on an Internet journey. (No, the movie isn't out yet)
  7. Should probably do the first thing on your li— oh! Coffee break!
  8. "I'm kind of hungry"
  9. You have a snack and feel energised as ever!
  10. This time you do almost an HOUR of work!
  11. You get a little anxious because it's 2am and you might not finish.
  12. You decide to calm down by putting on a show just for "background noise"
  13. You get engrossed in the show.
  14. It's half past three. You are freaking out now.
  15. You speed through your work. Then you lose momentum and notice the origami paper you bought a month ago. Your best friend is really good at origami. Why don't you watch some YouTube videos?
  16. Wow that origami video is forty minutes long.
    "I'll just start it to get the feel of it!" Then you watch the whole thing while trying to do a task that should've taken ten minutes.
  17. You have to be ready for class in an hour. What have you achieved?
    Nothing. Just kidding, you know vaguely how to make a magic origami dragon egg ball thing. Congrats.
  18. You panic and try to fall asleep.
    "A quick nap will help me reset" you say as you set an alarm which doesn't ring.
  19. You don't sleep but speed through all the work you planned to do in five hours into one hour and it's all easy.
    Why didn't you just do this earlier what's wrong with you
  20. You get home later that day and procrastinate until the sun goes down.
    "It's okay I can do all this tonight."