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Here are eight tips and seven myths we busted for preserving battery life on smartphones. Check out our full post “What You Should (and Shouldn’t) Do to Extend Your Phone’s Battery Life” here: http://wrctr.co/phone-battery-life
  1. MYTH: Closing unused apps will save battery.
    The theory is that apps running in the background are using your phone’s components, so quitting them will save energy. While that may be true on a computer, smartphones are designed differently: Once an app is no longer in the foreground — meaning you are not actively using it — most or all of its processes are frozen.
  2. TIP: Use auto-brightness for the screen.
    A smartphone’s screen consumes more energy than any other component, so the easiest way to cut down battery drain is to reduce your screen brightness.
  3. MYTH: Turning off Wi-Fi will always help.
    A common suggestion for extending battery life is to disable Wi-Fi. However, if you’re in range of a strong Wi-Fi signal, your phone uses less energy to connect to the Internet with a Wi-Fi connection than a cellular one.
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We predict $0.00 of regrets.
  1. 1.
    The Best Pen: uni-ball Jetstream http://wrctr.co/1RW20lj
    For an affordable pen that writes smoothly; dries quickly and indelibly; won’t bleed, skip or feather; and has the best ink flow of any non-fountain pen; grab yourself the uni-ball Jetstream. Available in a number of sizes and colors, it’s the best affordable pen around for taking notes at school or a meeting. [$11]
  2. 2.
    The Best Mechanical Pencil: uni-ball Kuru Toga http://wrctr.co/1U3kXnT
    The Kuru Toga sets itself apart with an internal mechanism that slightly rotates the lead every time you write, making sure that you’re always presenting the sharpest possible line to the page. [$4]
  3. 3.
    The Best Umbrella: Lewis N. Clark Automatic Travel Umbrella http://wrctr.co/1RW2zM6
    Unlike other sub-$20 umbrellas, the plain-looking and plain-feeling Automatic Travel Umbrella has spring-loaded spines that help it open and close reliably and snappily at the push of a button (most others in this price range will open but not close with a button, or will be completely manually operated). [$14]
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