List in progress.
  1. Taboo
    In my mind, synonym for 'super-interesting'
  2. Euphemism
    Useless to me, as no idea offends me
  3. Piety
    Got 99 probs, overactive superego not one
  4. Sex guilt
    No such sick Abrahamic tradition in Japan
  5. Homesickness
    To me, resembles Stockholm syndrome
  6. Parental approval seeking
    Didn't care, knew they loved me regardless
  7. Cattiness
    Female competitiveness distresses me
  8. Attention craving
    Received a surfeit of it during infancy
  9. Frenemies
    Hostility from friends hurts and confuses
  10. Misandry
    Always found males more relatable
  11. Biological clock
    Never had a reproductive urge in my life
  12. Destructive jealousy/envy
    Not their fault I'm a loser compared to them
  13. Flattery/ingratiation
    Can only give/take sincere compliments
  14. Corporate America
    Nothing about it appeals to me
  15. Stygiophobia (fear of hell)
    If God exists, he clearly has a boner for me
  16. Xenophobia
    The stranger they are, the curiouser I get
  17. "Living on" posthumously
    Mind the living. The dead don't need it
  18. Family values
  19. "Girls night out"
    I'd pay to get out of it
  20. Heeding discretion advisories
    I mean, I own the Traces of Death boxset
  21. Need for power
    Because I never felt powerless growing up?