1. Bind grudges in stones. They can bear the weight easier than you can.
  2. Paint sigils on your body.
  3. Pray to the dimmest star you can see.
  4. Take strength in tokens, but remember that they only reflect your own power.
  5. Study your reflection. Shatter the mirror. Spit in the face of bad luck.
  6. Braid tiny bells into your hair. If your hair cannot be braided, wear a belled circlet instead. Let them know you're coming.
  7. Bury an artefact of your unhappiness in the soil of a high point. If you live in flatlands, a cairn to mark the grave will do as well.
  8. Sew dried herbs into the seams of your clothing.
  9. Find your affinities. What colors, what plants, what symbols work best for your magic?
  10. Nourish your body. A vessel may be only a vessel but needs protecting and cherishing nonetheless.
  11. Practice gentleness and practice fury.
  12. Learn to harmonize with atonal music.