Uses of and ideas for herbs you may already have on hand. Many are cooking-based; this is, after all, a practical list.
  1. BASIL: courage, strength against malevolent forces, healthy love, a peaceful home and hearth
    Use basil in the first meal you cook in a new home (or an old home that could use new strengthening) to bless and ward it.
  2. BAY LAUREL: wisdom, focus, amplification of mental acuity
    Hang a sachet of whole bay leaves in your workspace, or mark your desk with bay laurel oil.
  3. CARAWAY: calling love to you, fortitude in the face of loneliness or despair
    Season a desert with both the seeds and leaves. Eat it alone in the comfort and privacy of your own home.
  4. DILL: protection, attraction
    Steep for a tea that is pungent but delicious, if you are open to it. Sip it while thinking of your aims.
  5. LAVENDER: sleep, visions
    Lightly sprinkle your sheets with lavender oil, taking care to avoid too much concentrated contact with your skin. Lavender oil can damage facial skin in particular and is far too harsh for that use, despite what some people might have you believe. Alternate, burn some dries lavender in the doorway of your sleeping space to open the room to the energies of dreams.
  6. MARJORAM: happiness in the face of grief
    Flavor an invigorating soup prepared for a friend or neighbor who has recently lost someone and may not feel up to the challenge of cooking for themselves. In the event that this person is already inundated with soups and stews of condolence, try a more adventurous dish; they will likely appreciate the variety.
  7. OREGANO: oblivion
    Add oregano to a tisane for a tea that will help to relax or calm a mind that can't stop buzzing and spinning frantically.
  8. PARSLEY: soothing pain, purification
    Hang bundles of dried parsley from the ceiling at waypoints and entrances in your home.
  9. ROSEMARY: memory, protection, loyalty, shelter
    Cook with rosemary before setting out on a journey or challenge and after returning. Prepare the food together with a loved one to reinforce your connection.
  10. SAGE: wishes, healing, lastingness
    The benefits of burning sage are well known. Additionally, feature a meal that revolves around sage to mark and celebrate a new year or entry into a new chapter of life with a partner or dear friend. Browned butter with sage is an excellent place to start, although take care not to get burned.
  11. TARRAGON: heartiness, sensitivity
    Place fresh or dried tarragon alone onto your tongue to prepare for an undertaking or before a difficult conversation that will require bravery or tact.
  12. THYME: luck, sleep, renewal, cleansing
    Bundle together dried thyme. A small bundle may be placed under your pillow. While cleaning your home, use a larger bundle as a brush to run over various surfaces (windowsills in particular) for a symbolic component to the very real ridding of impurities.