1. Let your best friend know that you love them. It's even all right if they realize exactly what you mean. You'll both always understand, and that will be enough.
  2. Don't forget to watch for the Perseids.
  3. Say a prayer you thought you outgrew.
  4. Fall down. Get up. Fall down. Get up. Repeat. It counts as exercise.
  5. Put up the Craigslist ad if nothing else is working out. Proactivity is a wonder.
  6. Be kind to your tarot cards and rune stones. They are doing the best they can.
  7. Don't hit on anyone related to the person you're dating (dusting off the innocent charm-flirt for older relatives excepted).
  8. Bless your glasses with protective spells so no one breaks them in the club.
  9. Admit that your supposed guilty-pleasure TV show is actually your genuine and earnest fave.
  10. Apologize but don't dwell on it.
  11. Practic resurrection.
  12. Burn it before you bury it. There's less chance of it coming back. Better to be sure.