days beneath the dog star
  1. LEO: Break a compass. Look for the northern lights. True or magnetic?
  2. VIRGO: You've been noticing swarms lately. It could be the heat drawing them out, or it could be that something you neglected and forgot about is rotting away behind a door or under the floorboards, unseen.
  3. LIBRA: Joy feels so unfamiliar, like a skin you never grew into. That is no reason to cast it off. Sew it into yourself if that's what it takes to make it fit.
  4. SCORPIO: It feels like you never have time to stop for breath, doesn't it? Make sure whatever air you are getting, at least, is clean.
  5. SAGITTARIUS: Warding your door with good-luck charms or holy symbols can't protect you if it's already in the house.
  6. CAPRICORN: You deserve delights and wonders, frogs singing from a creek bed, the rustle of a field in the wind at night. Open your eyes, your ears, your mouth. Take in the world.
  7. AQUARIUS: Return to the site of your disaster. Forgive yourself.
  8. PISCES: Wishing on every shooting star in the Perseids won't change a thing if you don't make the necessary apologies.
  9. ARIES: Rub mud over your skin. Lie out until you can no longer bear the growing tightness as it dries. This is what it feels like to be loved by you; learn to care without stifling.
  10. TAURUS: Pay your respects and your dues. Remember both what you are owed and what you owe.
  11. GEMINI: Picking flowers won't kill the plant, and someone you know deserves beauty and adornment.
  12. CANCER: You can say it's the late summer heat that's making you lie so still as though in wait, but in truth, you missed your opportunity, and you know it.