1. CANCER: Heat is inexorable. Heat is irreconcilable. You are disconsolate. Invest in A/C, if you can, and try to forget.
  2. LEO: You tell everyone that you couldn't be trying harder. You could, and you know it. The hum of the fridge is a sick buzz at the back of all your thoughts.
  3. VIRGO: Like Pompeii worms and eelpouts, you've always been able to thrive in extreme conditions under which others perish. Remember that now, when it feels like too much even for you. Don't drown.
  4. LIBRA: How different, really, are steam and mist? Watch for the wave as it crashes into you.
  5. SCORPIO: Summer fruit will sustain you, even when it feels like all hope is lost.
  6. SAGITTARIUS: Light a fire. Burn it down. It's waiting for you.
  7. CAPRICORN: The stars are beautiful, powerful, compelling, but watching their slow and distant paths across the sky will never amount to change here on earth.
  8. AQUARIUS: You've been reflecting on some animals' instinct to hibernate in winter. You've been thinking longingly, desperately, of closing your eyes through the summer instead. Do not give in. This is urgent.
  9. PISCES: Seek out dryness. Go to the desert. Wring yourself out.
  10. ARIES: Leave the fan off. Become hyperaware of the sensation of sweat slipping over you. Heave a sob. If you start to cry, it will be indistinguishable from the rest.
  11. TAURUS: There is a blue moon at the end of this month. You've ignored too many signs and omens to miss out on this one.
  12. GEMINI: You are ready for reaping, but it is not yet the time for the harvest. Leave them on the vine. Watch them swell and grow ever larger. The harvest will come. Be patient. Lie in wait.