It is truly the most wonderful time of year.
  1. LIBRA: are you sick of being talked about, or do you only pretend to be? you claim to hate the hot buzz of eyes on you, but being forgotten would be worse, wouldn't it? be careful what you wish for, libra. the clock is ticking.
  2. SCORPIO: you flourish in the gloom. your time is coming: be patient, be patient; wait for the clouds to roll across the sky, and when the thunder sounds, make your grand entrance.
  3. SAGITTARIUS: spiders and snakes and spooks and haints are all good and well when you can admire them from a distance, but when someone emerges from the shadows to approach you, listen to your instincts. you may not have enough experience in dealing with horror up close: take care.
  4. CAPRICORN: a shriveled heart resuscitated by a long steeping in bitter liquid can hardly be called living at all, can it? if you don't want to swept away with the dead and dry things, stop doing your best impression of a corpse.
  5. AQUARIUS: if someone didn't care to hear your intimate personal terrors and tragedies the first time, treating them to repeat listenings is unlikely to do anything more to endear you to them.
  6. PISCES: you know what might have been, they know what might have been, the whole damn town knows what might have been—but it wasn't. bury it in the earth and move on.
  7. ARIES: are you mistaking creeping dread for the nerves of elation? be honest with yourself before it's too late.
  8. TAURUS: there is a reason so many cultures fear the vengeful dead. do try to remember that you can only outrun your gory mistakes for so long.
  9. GEMINI: spilling your own blood at a shrine does nothing if that which you call your divinity is not paying attention. figure out a better offering—and a more deserving god.
  10. CANCER: you begrudge those people who live in places with appropriate seasonal markers. if you can't stop complaining about somewhere, perhaps it's time you moved on.
  11. LEO: trust has proved too heavy a burden for you to bear, time and time again. you rage at being called a disappointment and a liar, but if someone only lists your actions and you hear in it an accusation—well.
  12. VIRGO: you have been known to forge your own meanings in the arrangements of cards and tea leaves, but the truth is vengeful and swift; one of these days, it will catch up to you, whether you're ready or whether you're not.