the temperature gauge persists above the ninety-degree mark and who is to say that we are not all drowning?
  1. Keep all the blinds closed.
  2. Keep all the lights off.
  3. Write down the fever dreams from which you wake, salt-soaked and pressed to the foot of your bed, your face searching in vain for the fan, which blows hot air at the bed frame.
  4. Strip down to bra and shorts when it grows too hot to sweat through another shirt.
  5. Relish the uncontrollably frigid atmosphere at your place of work.
  6. Buy just enough that the café will not kick you out from the air conditioning.
  7. Imagine that a day will come when you can afford a different kind of home than this.
  8. When you shower, start with the water very very warm, and then turn the hot handle completely off.
  9. Burn yourself up; if you are already aflame, you cannot catch.