1. Read the patterns arranged in the strands of hair left in a brush.
  2. Take in the scent of perfume lingering on the air through which someone has recently passed.
  3. Watch the eyes of someone you don't yet know well.
  4. Listen to the wind cutting through the hot air just before the rain starts to fall.
  5. Study the indentations left in a bed you shared with someone.
  6. Build a narrative from senseless and confusing things that happened to you.
  7. Read poetry in a language you once knew.
  8. Measure the ripples in a cup of tea as someone approaches.
  9. Count your heartbeats while you try to drown out the noise of the world around you.
  10. Run your fingers along the soft grooves of old wood.
  11. Determine the length of time needed to suck on the stone of a fruit until it is entirely clean.
  12. Harmonize with music playing too low to be heard by anyone else.