Do as you must, and do what is best for you, whatever your reason.
  1. If the constellation under which you were born has not brought you good tidings, travel to a new one and make your home there.
  2. Not-quite-the-other-side of the country in which you currently live. People may know where to look for you if you flee border to border. Try 3/4 of the way across the country's width or length.
  3. At sea. It is never too late to run away to the salt-sweet tempestuous love of the ocean.
  4. A cave at the edge of the mountain. They have long been favored by hermits and mystics for good reason.
  5. The next town over. There may be a very good reason you live where you do; the next town over provides enough of a fresh start without abandoning what you already love about your region.
  6. A planet far beyond the reaches of our galaxy. If it is already habited, take notes from history and choose the path of courtesy.
  7. An isolated cottage in the wood, just outside the boundaries of the township but near enough for you to be approached by credulous people in need of solutions, if you've a natural inclination for the art.
  8. With family, blood or otherwise. There is no shame in opening yourself to the assistance of those who love you, be you young or old or middling.
  9. The in-between spaces of this world and the other. Those residents of that other may grant you sanctuary, if you ask them politely and cleverly enough.
  10. Here, here, here.
    If you make your way to the end of this list without hearing mention of anywhere that appeals to you and without finding inspiration to think of somewhere else that suits, then perhaps your heart in its stubbornness is trying to tell you to give another chance to where you presently make your life. Setting out is the right choice for many, but if you are safe and whole where you are, then staying, too, may be worth another try.