1. Press your finger deep into a bruise.
  2. Call your mother. Let her yell at you.
  3. Open your eyes under stinging water, salt or chlorine.
  4. Look at pictures of someone who hurt you.
  5. Take your meds.
  6. Forget your phone number when asked by the cashier so they can look up your card. Give the now-defunct landline of the house you grew up in instead.
  7. Get rid of five things in your bedroom.
  8. Leave an old journal at the library.
  9. Upon seeing an old friend on a crowded train, instead of pretending—as would be so easy—that the two of you didn't see each other, make eye contact and say hello instead. Make sure your smile is genuine.
  10. Start a collection of seeds to plant for when you have the space for a garden.
  11. Sprinkle your sheets with jasmine oil.
  12. Touch your teeth to ice.