Requested by @zoe
For when going unseen is imperative. (This is quite late, @zoe , but I hope still useful!)
  1. Wear muted colors and garments that are neither beautiful nor ugly. Think of yourself as a spy moving through the active world. Make yourself forgettable. If anyone's eyes land on you, they will rapidly slide away.
  2. Soundlessly mouth the words 'after vision, anteconspect' to yourself whenever you feel uncomfortably visible.
  3. Take a pinch of turmeric and (without getting it on your skin or clothing) mix it with a powder made from grinding a light wood like balsa. Bind this blend in some item—a satchet, a vial, something impermeable. Keep it in your pocket. When you wish for invisibility, touch it with your fingers; this will cause you to temporarily blink out of sight.
  4. Keep your opinions to yourself. Don't speak out.
  5. Pass yarrow root in a diagonal, downward-sweeping motion over your head and around your body before leaving the house.
  6. Balance yourself between extremes. Speak in a voice that is soft but not so quiet that it will cause people to prick up their ears or ask you to repeat yourself. When trying not to go unnoticed, it is crucial to avoid the fatal mistake of trying too hard.
  7. Project your aura like a bubble around you.
  8. The smoke created by burning paper makes for a good cloak to escape notice at will; its effects will last for several hours after the fire has been extinguished.
  9. Begin talking earnestly about your personal traumas in public.
  10. Wrap zinc wire around an old coin, preferably one that no longer functions as legal tender in any nation. Be sure to arrange the wire ends so they will not scratch. Keep this artefact close to the heart; breast pockets or tucked inside bras work well.
  11. Repeat to yourself 'I am nothing, I am nothing' while understanding, internally, that you are everything.
  12. If you find that none of these is working and that you cannot, in spite of your best efforts, master spells of hiding, dress up your unfortunate visibility. If people refuse to draw their eyes away from your taking up of space no matter what you do, make sure you are happy with what they are seeing.