Tonight is the waxing quarter moon. Great focus is given on the full and new moons, and for good reason, but we must not forget our beautiful moon in the importance of any of her phases. This is a wholesome time of steadiness and renewal.
  1. Strengthen the bond between you and another.
    I do not support 'love spells' of the kind that bind a reluctant or unwilling partner, but for two loving and consenting people, the waxing moon is an excellent time to do something together to grow and renew the tenderness that is between you.
  2. Practice patience.
    So much of life is hurrying, but if we always look forward to the full moon, we will miss the the stunning breathless gasping that is what comprises choosing to live fully in the moment without ignoring our current surroundings for the future.
  3. Perform spells for cleansing and protection.
    The bitterness and jealousy of others can weigh us down with its dragging power; now is the perfect time to take steps to shed those energies from around you. It is not always possible to fully banish evil, but we can make a start.
  4. Forgive.
    As we cast or burn out old poisons, so too should we look to forgive. There is a place both for burning bridges and for allowing ourselves to trust again even if we have been hurt in the past. Allow yourself this.
  5. Balance all parts of the whole.
    The waxing moon is comprised of both the light and the dark, and both are equally important. Together they build the world, and it is crucial that we seek to avoid prioritizing one over the other. Existence is a delicate back and forth and a harmony. Take this time to practice magics of equity, and take stocks of the various counterpoint factors in your life.