1. 'guilty' pleasures
    the idea of a guilty pleasure is decidedly unwitchly to begin with. witches revel in their interests and passions; know that there is no age at which you should stop watching your favorite silly tv show.
  2. sleepovers with their best friends
    it is so healing to take the time to stay in and giggle and make a night of it with your dearest friends, regardless of whether there is anyone else with whom you now typically spend your nights.
  3. the occasional (or frequent) piece of their favorite candy
    why any witch should think sweets unbecoming of their station is beyond me. some spells, too, even require a hint of sugar on the breath of the caster in order to reach their most potent potential.
  4. speaking with someone to set their soul at ease after a nightmare
    if you live alone, a call to someone who will readily answer their phone (or scrying mirror, or whatever else your preferred mode of communication is) for you at any hour of the day or night will do the trick.
  5. pettiness
    oh, yes, I know, I know, we all think we're so TERRIBLY mature—but don't forget that certain notable witches have built entire dominions out of spite and revenge.
  6. playing pretend
    perhaps when you were young, this meant playing at mermaids in the pool or spies in the snow, and now it takes the form of daydreaming that your every plan and goal has come to fruition. imagining is a magic unto itself, and witches have a knack for thinking things into being.
  7. submerging themselves in mud
    there is nothing better for the skin or more clarifying for the mind. if you have a frog familiar to accompany you, all the better. and on that subject:
  8. speaking with animals
    people told you that you would know better once you grew up, and, in a way, they were right—you know the power of this better now than you did when you were younger, and you know and can understand so many more languages and means of communication now.
  9. stories
    this should, I think, be self-explanatory.