You might get a few funny looks on public transportation, but witches are liable to cause a stir anywhere they go, regardless.
  1. alligators
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    Good for swamp witches.
  2. voles
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    Don't write the vole off! Less popular than the mouse but no less deserving, these little loves are (perhaps surprisingly) especially good at lending their own energy reserves for the magnification of resuscitation work.
  3. nudibranchs
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    Tricky for witches who spend most of their time above the ocean's surface, but if a nudibranch is the right choice for you, you owe it to yourself, your magic, and your familiar to make it work.
  4. vultures
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    Many vultures (Old World and New alike) have never wanted anything more than to be appreciated and cared for, and would jump at the opportunity to be of assistance and prove their worth.
  5. polychaete worms
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    There is an enormous variety of organisms within this classification all by itself, but I list it as a whole as I suspect there are a great many witches who haven't considered ANY of our polychaete friends and could stand to do some further investigation.
  6. red pandas
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    A noble, faithful, and clever companion.
  7. earthworms
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    An especially viable option for witches whose primary focus relates to gardening or soil.
  8. Pesquet's parrots
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    Also known as the Devil's parrots, these have a beautifully dramatic plumage and a far sweeter temperament than their nickname might suggest. They also have terrific senses of humor.
  9. warthogs
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    With the warthog, as with any familiar, do be sure to take their environmental needs into respectful consideration; if, for example, if where you live does not suit their temperature preferences, be sure to perform regularly maintained cooling charms so that your companion can live a happy and healthy life.
  10. six-lined racerunners
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    These speedy little lizards live up to their name—perfect for the witch on the go.
  11. elephant beetles
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    You may be hesitant to take on an insect familiar due to their perceived fragility, but elephant beetles' size makes them hardy, and they know how to look out for themselves. There's a reason the entire Scarabaeidae family has long been favored by witches in the know.