Requested by @sally
requested by @sally and happily obliged! the Perseids are truly soul-renewing and should not be missed!
  1. The Perseids are a yearly major meteor shower event.
  2. They generally peak around August 9-14; this year, tonight (between August 12 & 13) is the best night for them.
  3. They are named after the constellation Perseus, from whence they seem to spring; the Perseides were the children of Perseus and Andromeda or, more generally, people of the House of Perseus.
  4. This year is a particularly good year to see them, as tonight will be nearly devoid of moonlight.
  5. In some places, you may be able to see as many as 100 meteors per hour.
  6. Places with as little light pollution as possible are best, but if you can't get yourself to a beach or rural area, don't worry! You should be able to see some anyway even in an urban area. Binoculars or cameras will not help; your natural eyes are enough and, indeed, best for the task.
  7. The Perseids are comprised of the debris breaking off from the comet Swift-Tuttle and then burning up as they enter the Earth's atmosphere.
  8. The best time of night to see them is typically pre-dawn, or roughly in the 12-4 am range.
  9. They are most easily visible in the Northern Hemisphere.
  10. This is essentially your best bet for seeing one or, more likely, several shooting stars. I recommend sitting outside with a loved one or, if you need some personal time for introspection and wonderment, alone.
  11. Open yourself to it. The universe is truly miraculous. The sky is a marvel, and our home, this small stone journeying through space, is allowed access to so much natural magic.
  12. Even if you by some rare chance end up not seeing any of the meteors themselves, this will still be a cleansing and enriching experience. Let the sparkling abyss above you welcome you in. 🌌