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  1. Scorpio is the eighth sign in the Western zodiac. Traditionally, its season has been measured as lasting from October 23 through November 21.
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  2. The sign takes its name from the constellation Scorpius, representative of a giant scorpion sent to kill Orion, who had pissed somebody off (exactly WHO depends on which version of the myth you know).
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  3. (By the way, if it's the fifteenth century and you've maybe never seen a scorpion before in your life and you're illustrating a Book of Hours, this is how you choose to depict scorpio.)
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  4. By a very small margin, scorpios are the most common astrological sign.
  5. Scorpio is a fixed water sign ruled by Pluto and Mars.
  6. On the whole, the scorpio temperament may be impatient, ambitious, passionate, unyielding, independent, resourceful, loyal, intense, chaotic, and compassionate. Scorpios love control and may at times scare even themselves.
  7. The sign is highly understood. Some people think of scorpios as being dangerous or even villainous, but though scorpios look out for themselves and rarely forgive or forget, they are also highly sensitive and are often desperately looking for connection and understanding.
  8. This makes for an unpredictable season. Expect this to be a time of chaos but also of growth, of powerful happenings that may shake you to your core or even disturb you but that will also bring you to new glory.
  9. Scorpios are by nature impatient but, paradoxically, also know how to bide their time; their season can be filled with long stretches of seeming nothingness followed by the sudden change or action that was building all along.
  10. Questions will certainly be asked, persistently and perceptively. Secrets may be revealed. The air is charged with steadily building electricity.
  11. Be kind to a scorpio today; win their trust and make of them an ally and you'll have a steadfast and ardent champion, wild and true, in your corner. You want them on your side, not against you.
  12. Scorpios, revel in this, your time. And to everyone else—good luck.
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