Songs Praising Places (from Musicals)

Perhaps if we follow the money we'll find that this is all a massive tourism scheme dreamed up by the great state of OK.
  1. One Night in Bangkok (And The World's Your Oyster)
    From CHESS. "Get Thai'd" = Actual Lyric
  2. Salaam Bombay
    From Bombay Dreams. A different kind of Good Morning Baltimore.
  3. Good Morning Baltimore
    From Hairspray. Featuring endearing lyrics about rats!
  4. No Place Like London
    From Sweeney Todd. Spoiler: There's a hole in the world like a great black pit... And it goes by the name of London.
  5. Normandy
    From Once Upon A Mattress. Best enjoyed in three part harmony.
  6. One Short Day (In The Emerald City)
    From Wicked. One short day, oh there's so much to do!
  7. New York, New York
    From On The Town. It's a helluva town.
  8. Urinetown
    From Urinetown. In the summertime, it's often been claimed that NY is Urinetown...
  9. Bali Ha'i
    From South Pacific. Bali bali bali so hi, Bali lo
  10. Santa Fe
    From Rent. Minus the Atchison and Topeka.
  11. The Dream of Atlanta
    From Parade. Beware, irony abounds in this upbeat song.
  12. Hernando's Hideway
    From The Pajama Game. You'll meet your Uncle Max and everyone you know.
  13. Welcome to Kanagawa
    From Pacific Overtures. More irony, Sondheim does not like earnestly writing about places....
  14. Costco
    From Next To Normal (Cut song). Truly the land of plenty.
  15. Sitting Becalmed in the Lee of Cuttyhunk
    From A New Brain. Sales slogan: "Hotter than a pregnant cow."
  16. Iowa Stubborn
    From The Music Man. There's an Iowa kind of special Chip-on-the-shoulder attitude. (It's no Oklahoma)
  17. Oklahoma
    From Oklahoma. Word on the street is it's just OK.
  18. Big D
    From The Most Happy Fella. Don't get too excited, it's big D little A double LLAS.
  19. Meet Me In St Louis
    From Meet Me In St Louis (film). I won't tell you where exactly, and no you can't have my number.
  20. The Streets of Dublin
    From A Man of No Importance. There's music like nothing you've heard if you know the right jukebox to play.
  21. Off to Massachusetts
    From Little Women. Sittin' there useless as two shits...
  22. Skidrow (Downtown)
    From Little Shop Of Horrors. I hear it's gentrifying and the rent's going up...
  23. Passeggiata
    From The Light in the Piazza. Walk with me in the place that I live from a child, the place that I know!
  24. A Summer In Ohio
    From The Last Five Years. As great as chewing on tinfoil for a spell!
  25. Don't Cry For Me Argentina
    From Evita. The truth is I never left you. (Questionable)
  26. Grand Old Ivy/ Dear Old Shiz
    From How To Succeed/ Wicked. Gee, college was grand!
  27. Manchester England
    From Hair. Across the Atlantic Sea, and I'm a genius genius!
  28. How Are Things In Glocca Morra?
    From Finian's Rainbow. One of the great unanswered questions in life.
  29. Anatevka
    From Fiddler On The Roof. Nothing much, only Anatevka. 😢
  30. Kansasland
    From Curtains. Most definitely not a spoof of Oklahoma. Why would you even think that?
  31. Barcelona
    From Company. On second thought, stay, don't get up.
  32. Eldorado
    From Candide. Across a seashell sea, the land of happy people!
  33. Camelot
    From Camelot. They like to dance a lot!
  34. Somewhere
    From West Side Story. We'll know it when we see it.