1. Chrome
    90% used to search for Wikipedia articles.
  2. Instagram
    Consistently used daily for four or more years now.
  3. Gmail Inbox
    Apparently most people hate it. I did for about a week now I don't know how anyone manages their email without it.
  4. @nytimes Crossword
    I don't subscribe, just play the free "mini" puzzle daily. Beautiful and clean, easy to use app.
  5. Waze
    If only I knew the amount of time this app has saved me.
  6. I'm not sure if I've mythologized this app into being greater than it is. But it is great.
  7. @npr News App
    Not a perfect app (the news stories lack the pictures and links their online counterpart features) but it works fine to deliver news from the only US news outlet that's worth any time.