Undisputed Chop-Pork Sandwich Capital of the World
  1. Country's Barbeque
    The original located in an old steak restaurant on Mercury drive in the Cross Country Plaza area of Midtown. This location has a barn feel complete with stuffed hog and of course the famous giant Country's Red Rocking Chair. Though they do have barbeque pork, they're perhaps better known for barbeque chicken, the world's best fried chicken fingers, and undisputed world's best sweet tea.
  2. Country's North
    Located in the Main Street Village Development at Veteran's And Whittlesey, Country's North has more of a mountain lodge feel complete with canoes, kayaks, and mountain bikes hanging from the ceiling. This location's famous attraction is the antique Toledo scale in the waiting area and the life-size wood carved cowboy.
  3. Country's On Broad
    Located in the old Greyhound Bus Terminal, Country's on Broad has a retro city theme with walls lined with vintage photos of the city. While the original location has the rocking chair and North has the scale/ski lift chairs, Broad reigns supreme with their 1960s Greyhound bus which you can eat on. The sign says its headed for Madison, WI, but it hasn't moved for years. The bathrooms, if you're wondering, are upstairs.
  4. 13th Street Barbeque
    Originally located on 13th Street in Phenix City, now none of their locations are located on a 13th. In the classic form: minimal decoration, simple order-at-counter style with shelves of Tom's and Cape Cod chips. Classic chop pork sandwiches. Comes with "slaw and pick" by default. Standard tomato-based the-lighter-the-hotter sauce selections.
  5. Pepper's Barbeque
    Hands down best chopped pork in town. Best choice for picking up a few pounds togo. Classic sandwich and chip hole-in-the-wall style on Warm Springs Road near the Miller Road intersection.
  6. Chester's Barbeque
    Famous for ribs. Located on Veterans near the Civic Center.
  7. Macon Road Barbeque
    Excellent hole-in-the-wall just off Macon Road in that weird section near the cemetery. You know where I'm talking about. Where Mazzios used to be.
  8. Mike and Ed's
    Is this place still open? Famous for their "You can smell our butts for miles." slogan.
  9. Clearview Barbeque
    Many folk's favorite. Still cash only (though they do accept checks). Located on River Road near Columbus Tech. Limited seating. Ironically named as the windows are in desperate need of washing.
  10. Smokey Pig
    Never been there. Hear it's good. Near Medical Center.
  11. Country's is soooo good! (I grew up in Auburn). Ever been to Chicken Comer's in Alex City? Mustard based sauce
    Suggested by @cbarbulescu
  12. Smokey Pig*
    Suggested by @verse