There's nothing wrong with chains except they usually suck. There are, however some gems. I'm keeping this list sit-down only, please add away...
  1. Cracker Barrel
    Always the same yet different. Truly the best biscuits in the world and some stellar corn bread. Huge selection on the menu and amazing breakfast all day. The have indisputably the best pancakes (sorry IHOP) and you get legit maple syrup. There's always checkers, the T game, and a shop to walk around in while you wait. The bathrooms are under the traffic light.
  2. Ted's Montana Grill
    I have no clue how much of a chain this is outside of Atlanta. Maybe it's not really a chain at all. It's commercial enough for me to add it here anyway. Truly delicious food (consistently), really nice atmosphere, paper table cloths (doodle time), paper straws, powdered soap, and other eco-friendly touches. In addition it's very reasonably priced. Also the only thing Ted Turner hasn't sold to Time Warner. (That's not a joke, it's actually Ted Turner's)
  3. You'd have thought I could have come up with more than two before posting.
    I'm considering a short list of others. For now I'm taking suggestions. (That is—if anyone sees it in this day in relistless depravity)
  4. Waffle House
    Suggested by @mallofamanda
  5. The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar
    I'm not sure if this is technically considered a chain bc it only has a handful of locations in various areas but it's def one of my favorites. Mostly because of their milkshakes. The sushi is damn good, too, if you're into that.
    Suggested by @insydiious
  6. Bobby's Burger Palace
    If you are near one go in, you won't be disappointed.
    Suggested by @kiraandlulu