I could and sometimes do eat it every day.
  1. Chipotle
    THE APPLE COMPUTER OF RESTAURANTS Have had literally every menu item except a burrito. My go to is a bowl with brown rice, black beans, chicken or sofritas, double pico, medium, sour cream, cheese (If I'm weak), guac (if I feel rich), double lettuce.
  2. Buffer space.
  3. Seriously don't want to degrade Chipotle.
  4. Qdoba
    I highly recommend the Mexican gumbo. I won't give it away, but I can tell you it involves a burrito bowl floating in chicken soup.
  5. Barberito's
    Probably only known to Georgians because it's Athens-based. Like Moe's with fresher ingredients. Highly recommend the melted cheese nachos.
  6. Willy's
    Carbon copy of Barberitos with a bar. +1 for having trivia occasionally.
  7. Moe's
    Moe's introduced me to the concept, so I'm sad to put it in this position. But I like none of their meats, the rice gets drier each visit, and the interior looks like a shock jock rock radio station designed it. Still go for Moe Monday though.