Ranking was super hard. Podcasts don't count.
  1. Radio Lab
    Gets top billing because it's just so high quality.
  2. Wait. Wait. Don't Tell Me...
    I ❤️ Paula.
  3. This American Life
    The craziest, most interesting stories ever told have been told on this show in the best way.
  4. Exploring Music
    with Bill McGlaughlin. This show has made me weep multiple times.
  5. Fresh Air
    Hands down best interview show. Interesting even when boring guests are on. LONG LIVE QUEEN TERRY
  6. A Prairie Home Compainion
    Even knowing what this is doubles my old man points score. But it is an absolute American icon. Baseball, Apple Pie, Mr. Rodgers, A Prairie Home Companion
  7. Performance Today
    My favorite radio voice is Fred Child (Sorry Ira and Innskeep). I'm on the waiting list (which I was told is years long) for the 'Piano Puzzler' which I am scary good at (it's almost always Brahms, Beethoven, or Chopin and if it's not it's something easy like Stravinsky).
  8. Car Talk
    RIP... The reruns are still great.
  9. What'd ya Know?
    This show would make the list by its URL alone (notmuch.com). I was lucky enough to make a live taping when I lived in Wisconsin. Host Michael Feldman is of a dying breed of American dry-humor a la Letterman. Must be a Midwest thing.
  10. Here's The Thing
    One of the greatest moments of my life is realizing that Alec Baldwin works at WNYC. Also he hosts two shows. And it is NOT an SNL sketch. His show is entertaining enough just listening to him on Public Radio, and if you can get past how ridiculous and at times pretentious he sounds, his interviews with celebrities are fantastic, candid, and personal. See his interview with Kris Kardashian Jenner to see what I mean. Also the Jerry Seinfeld is great.
  11. TED Radio Hour
    Well done and far more than a "Best of TED" show.
  12. Ask Me Another
    Geekiest show on radio. "Adorable" comes to mind.
  13. On Being
    A lesser known weekly show that has a host with probably the best female radio voice. Broad range of obtuse topics covered.