Macbook: A Neo-noir Thriller

  1. My Mac is nearing 6 years old.
    I know that's pretty young in people years, but if I had a PC I would have had at least 3 machines by now. Nonetheless my MacBook is precious and I do everything on it (well besides List) and I can't let it die.
  2. I restarted it today because of a minor problem that had previously been solved by a reboot.
  3. However it instantly turns off when the progress bar reaches about 20%.
  4. I know what many of you are thinking.
    NVRAM, SMC, all of it. I've reset it. Safe Mode? Won't boot.
  5. So on to disk utility.
    Hold Command + R while booting to access "Recovery" mode. I run the checks and repairs in Disk Utility and it fixes some things but after a restart I'm back to the same situation.
  6. Now for the really scary part: Single User Mode.
    Yup that's still my 2010 MacBook Pro. This is some deep stuff that I don't pretend to understand.
  7. This is my favorite part.
    I was alive for TWO of those years. I'll let you guess which ones.
  8. I type in some gobbledygook.
    🚫🎲🎲 It doesn't work.
  9. So back to recovery mode.
    Which is the most comfortable part of this whole experience because everything at least looks like a real computer. It's like when they cut back to the chief on Fargo. It sucks and everyone is terrible and then you cut to her and you remember that everything might be ok.
  10. Plot thickens: I haven't backed up in a month.
    I am WELL AWARE of how bad this is. But the good news is everything I've worked on for the past year has resided on Google Drive. So I'm safe. I think.
  11. So it's time to restore.
    It's the only backup drive I have. If this doesn't work, this is it.
  13. Suspense....
    I'll keep you posted.
  14. UPDATE: It worked.