If tagging were available, this one would go under #metalist.
  1. The App Is Really Really Good.
    I'm sure BJ and Co have invested a lot in the app and they certainly seem like some smart guys. I'm working on developing a far simpler app now and I can tell you, it's not easy to have something so fully featured out the gate. Especially when you're dealing with a social network like this that has a fairly robust backend/web application.
  2. Like Really Good.
    Just how well the search function works is enough... Remember how terrible search on Facebook was (or is... Not sure haven't had an account for two years) when it came out?
  3. Would really like some sort of simple tagging.
    I hate what hash tags have become. Maybe it could be more organized somehow. I'd just like to be able to click on "Steve Harvey" right now.
  4. I Love All Y'all's Stories
    I do.
  5. I'm Working On Some Creative Lists
    I wanna see more of y'all's!