Music Artists Young People Should Pay More Attention To

With GIFs. Because I just updated.
  1. Peter Gabriel
    The reason I started this list. A crazy maverick unbelievable musician with an equally unbelievable band who literally gets no credit for the crazy amount of talent he oozes out. Puts on the greatest stage shows there are no doubt. The world needs more Peter Gabriel.
  2. Paul Simon
    From 'The Boxer' to 'Once Upon A Time There Was An Ocean', Paul is the greatest singer-songwriter of all time. One of the few artists whose poetry and musicianship are equally as great. Also the 'You Can Call Me Al' video with Chevy Chase.
  3. Earth, Wind, and Fire
    To realize just how tight a band can be.
  4. Elton John
    The greatest songwriting partnership of all time. Elton's piano playing is addictive and completely unique. Also his band is superb and largely still tours with him.
  5. Carly Simon
    I swear this is the best GIF I could find. Why she hasn't gotten the latter-day popularity like Stevie Nicks is a complete mystery to me.