Requested by @ChrisK
As requested by the List Master, Mr. @ChrisK If this list makes no sense, you must have been cool in high school... Carry on...
  1. Ellipsoidal Reflector Spotlight
    Obviously the Source Four in all its forms. The original and still the best. Brought to you from America's Dairy Land.
  2. Fresnel
    Not the sexiest tool in the designers tool box. If they weren't already in everyone's inventory, I don't think we'd see them any more. A S4 PAR with diffusion does the trick. Also... the ETC LED wash fixtures are preferred. BUT if I had to choose it would be split between the newish Source Four Fresnels or those old Strand Fresnels with the lever on the back because no one owns the Source Four ones.
  3. @ChrisK @perry You mean these?
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