VW has the rare distinction of being a band who does not have a single track I dislike. Jk about the ranked. It was too hard. Except for #1.
  1. The Kids Don't Stand A Chance
    Deserves a place in the Pantheon of bass lines near "Seven Nation Army".
  2. Giving Up the Gun
  3. Horchata
    Recently learned this was a drink. I always thought it was just a Vampire Weekend song.
  4. Walcott
  5. Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa
    The height of their ridiculous cheap-synth-harpsichord aesthetic. The Baroque period of Vampire Weekend.
  6. Diane Young
  7. Oxford Comma
    Who does? Well according to the other days Oxford comma explosion, everyone on List App except @ChrisK does (REASONS WHY THE OXFORD COMMA SHOULD NOT BE THE GOLD STANDARD OF GRAMMAR)
  8. Hannah Hunt
  9. Mansard Roof
    11/10 for the title. Over the top perfect. Completely embodies the aesthetic of that album in an architectural element.
  10. M79
    I never remember the name of this song but it is good
  11. Everlasting Arms
    That groove.
  12. California English
    Live version with insane vocoding is best.
  13. I Stand Corrected
    Plays in my head when I'm wrong.
  14. Step
    Superb bass line. One of their more understated songs that I appreciate very much.
  15. Campus
    "spilled kefir on your keffiyeh" is the most pretentious line of a song ever, so I love it.
  16. Ya Hey
    Best video award. (Even though I'm afraid of heights and it terrifies me.)
  17. Unbelievers
    Can't get it out of my head.
  18. Taxi Cab
    The quirky melancholic driving-away-from-dramatic-story-point music of my life.
  19. White Sky
    That beat and the line about the Richard Serra Skatepark get me EVERY TIME. Contains some of my favorite lyrics of any song.